August 16, 2017

Travel advisory during #OReclipse

From ODOT, 
NASA / Submitted photo
ODOT urges travelers to not pop in and out of #OReclipse

It’s not a game day: Treat the 3-hour eclipse like a 3-DAY event

Experts say up to one million people may enter the path of totality across Oregon to view the Aug. 21 eclipse. Travelers who treat this once-in-a-generation event like a college football game day—arriving just beforehand and leaving immediately afterwards—might be in for some serious interstellar shock. There could be thousands—or tens of thousands—of other travelers doing the same thing.

Please don’t do that. Build breathing space into your travel plans.

Visit to view about 400 highway cameras and check out your planned travel route in real time. Visit for #OReclipse travel tips.

Arrive early: Don’t be late for your very important date.Stay put: Once you arrive, help other travelers by staying off the road.Leave late: ODOT predicts skyrocketing congestion immediately after the eclipse when many travelers head home. Beat the congestion somewhere cool and comfortable.This is not a game day: Treat this 3-hour event like a 3-DAY event.

ODOT will manage the state highway system as much as possible to try to accommodate the increased number of travelers. Incident response crews will park at strategic locations along many highways to help people and move vehicles causing backups. ODOT does not plan to close any state highway. But sheer traffic volume could still overwhelm the system.

You can help. Plan your journey to avoid the busiest expected periods of traffic (Sunday and Monday). If you’re on the road when the eclipse takes place, play it safe! Don’t stop on the highway or shoulder to view the eclipse. Don’t block traffic or walk into travel lanes. If another person’s eyes are on the sky, they won’t see you. And don’t wear your eclipse glasses while driving!

Plan to have a good time in Oregon viewing the eclipse. Plan ahead, so you will.

August 15, 2017

Fire leads to closure in Three Sisters Wilderness

From Central Oregon Fire Information:

COIDC MORNING Update, August 15
Redmond, OR – No new smoke reports have come into the Central Oregon Dispatch this morning, although with clear skies and continued drying conditions, crews are ready to respond to any new reports that come in. 

Milli Fire – Located in the Three Sisters Wilderness, the Milli Fire is estimated at 150 acres and 2% contained. There are currently 141 personnel on the fire including three type 2 crews, 5 IA crews, 3 dozers, 2 masticators, and a variety of overhead resources.   The Milli Fire is currently 8 miles west of Sisters and about one and a half miles southwest of Black Crater Lake. Moderate fire activity was observed yesterday and is expected again today with continued fire spread to the east and northeast.  Yesterday, crews worked to establish containment line in the wilderness using minimum impact suppression tactics and outside the wilderness, equipment was utilized to improve Forest Service roads and create new containment lines in anticipation of fire growth outside of the wilderness to the east. Today, direct and indirect suppression tactics will be utilized, while continuing Forest Service road improvement and fire line construction outside of the wilderness boundary. The fire is partially burning in an old fire scar with significant stands of dead timber caused by the Black Crater Lake Fire.

The Willamette and Deschutes National Forests have implemented a closure order for a large portion of the Three Sisters Wilderness beginning today. The Willamette National Forest will close all trails south of Highway 242 into the Three Sisters Wilderness on the Willamette National Forest with the exception of Proxy Falls, which remains open.   Also closed is the Obsidian Trailhead and Obsidian Limited Entry Area.

The area closure also includes Deschutes National Forest managed lands within the Three Sisters Wilderness that are threatened by fire activity. The northern closure area border includes trails south of Highway 242 and west of Forest Road 1018 and east of the Three Sisters Wilderness Boundary on the Willamette National Forest down to approximately Scott’s Pass Trail, which is also included in the closure. In addition, the closure area contains trails north of Cascade Lakes Highway, west of the South Sisters Climber Trail and includes all of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Elk Lake north to the PCT Trailhead near Lava Camp Lake Campground. For up-to-date information on closures on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and trail reroute options, visit

While the closure includes all trails east of the PCT from Elk Lake to the South Sisters Climber Trail, the South Sisters Climber Trail and Elk Lake Trail remain open. Popular areas like Wickiup Plains and Sisters Mirror Lake are closed.
  • Recreationists should be aware of these additional trail closures: Black Crater Trail #4058, Millican Crater Trail #4066, Scott Pass Trail #4068, North Matthieu Lake Trail #4062, Trout Creek Tie Trail #4067, Millican Crater Trailhead, Scott Pass Trailhead, A portion of the Green Lakes Trail #17 is closed from Pole Creek Trail #4072 to Scott Pass Trail #4068, Moraine Lake Trail from South Sister Climber Trail to Leconte Crater Trail, Leconte Crater Trail, Devils Lake Trail, Mirror Lakes Trail, Elk-Devils Trail, and Horse Lake Trail.
  • Green Lakes Trail #17 from the Cascade Lakes Highway to the Pole Creek Trail #4072 is OPEN.  

Whychus Fire – Located about either miles northeast of Sisters, is currently 2030 acres and 90% contained. 

Belknap Fire – Located in the Mill Creek Wilderness on the Ochoco National Forest, the Belknap Fire is estimated at 120 acres and 0% contained. Aerial resources, smokejumpers, and hand crews will continue working on direct suppression of this fire today. Crews are taking extra precaution from entering the area due to significant hazard trees from previous fires. A trail closure has been put in place by the Ochoco National Forest for trails within the Mill Creek Wilderness.  All hiking trails within Mill Creek Wilderness are temporarily closed to the public as fire crews work to suppress this fire.  The following trails are now closed to the public for one month, beginning August 14th, from today or until rescinded: Twin Pillars Trail #832; Wildcat Trail #833; and Belknap Trail #833A.

For more information, follow us at or on Twitter at @CentralORFire

For Central Oregon Fire Information Fire hotline, please call 541-316-7711.

August 14, 2017

Redmond canal segment named to National Register of Historic Places

From Oregon Parks and Recreation:

Pilot Butte Canal (courtesy photo)
The Pilot Butte Canal: Downtown Redmond Segment Historic District in Redmond, Deschutes County, Oregon is among Oregon's latest entries in the National Register of Historic Places. It is listed under the Carey and Reclamation Acts Irrigation Projects in Oregon 1901-1978 Multiple Property Documentation. 

The Pilot Butte Canal is the backbone of one of the two irrigation systems that form what is known as the Central Oregon Project in the Upper Deschutes River basin. The Central Oregon Project was a prominent example of an irrigation project resulting from the provisions of the Carey Desert Land Act (Carey Act), and one that had a tremendous impact on the formation and development of central Oregon. As a principal element of the Central Oregon Project, the Pilot Butte Canal is closely associated with early homesteading and settlement efforts in the Upper Deschutes River basin, and the use of irrigation as a means to improve agricultural production, overcome harsh environmental conditions, and provide a sustainable livelihood with limited resources in the region. Throughout its history the Pilot Butte Canal provided water for agricultural use in Deschutes County, leading to the founding, initial development, and continued growth of the cities of Bend, Redmond, and other communities. The Pilot Butte Canal: Downtown Redmond Segment Historic District is approximately 6,780 feet long, from approximately NW Dogwood Street at the south, where the open canal emerges from underground pipe, to approximately NW Quince Avenue at the north, where it returns to pipe. This portion of the canal is directly associated with the founding of Redmond, which was laid out along it, adjacent to the site of the Frank T. and Josephine Redmond homestead. 

Oregon's State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation recommended the canal segment's nomination in their February 2017 meeting. It is one of 41 historic properties in Deschutes County that are now listed in the National Register, which is maintained by the National Park Service under the authority of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. 

More information about the National Register and recent Oregon lists is online at (click on "National Register" at left of page).

Structure Fire at Crooked River Ranch

From Crooked River Ranch Fire and Rescue, 
Crooked River Ranch fire and Rescue / Submitted photo
Type of incident: Structure Fire
Address of incident: 5724 SW Shad Road, Crooked River Ranch, OR
Incident date: August 12th, 2017 Alarm Time: 10:52 PM
Description of occupancy: Residential, double wide mobile home
Owner: Raymond and Terri Bellm

Circumstances found on arrival, actions taken: Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue was dispatched to the above address for multiple reports of a reported fully involved structure on fire. Initial arriving crews found the home fully engulfed in flames and fire spreading to nearby trees and grass. An energized power line was also found on the ground which Pacific Power responded for and disconnected. A water shuttle was setup to supply water for firefighting efforts. The fire was contained to the structure of origin, the nearby trees, and grass. Crews remained on scene until approximately 2:30 AM extinguishing the fire and performing overhaul.

Injuries, rescues and other information of interest: The home was reported as unoccupied which was later confirmed to be the case. The owners used it as a rental property and it did not have a tenant at the time of the fire.

Responding Apparatus: 4 - Engines, 3 – Tenders, 0 - Trucks, 1 - Medics, 1 – Support
Responding Personnel: 5 – Career, 11 – Volunteers
Mutual aid assistance by: Redmond Fire & Rescue, Cloverdale Fire District, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and Pacific Power.

Estimated loss of building and contents: The structure and contents were a total loss. Several trees that were damaged by fire were also felled for safety concerns.

Probable fire cause: Under investigation at this time.
Crooked River Ranch fire and Rescue / Submitted photo

Redmond Brewfest

Read more about the Brewfest in the Aug. 16 Spokesman!

Submitted graphic / Redmond Brewfest