January 23, 2007

January 24, 2007- the rest of the story

The city of Redmond is considering donating a parcel of land in the airport business area for a child care facility. Both the T-Mobile corporation and OSU-Cascades were discussed as possible partners, although the idea is very much in the concept phase.

Area law enforcement is keeping a close eye on recent rashes of tagging. The graffitti is not known to be gang-related but Redmond police are nonetheless taking it seriously, having recently discussed the issue during a Safe Schools meeting.

Efforts to begin Redmond's newest Dry Canyon park are expected to be underway by spring. The park, to be sited just south of Highland Avenue near Bowlby ball field, is yet unnamed but will likely pay tribute to veterans and the local American Legion post, which donated the now-closed park this one will replace.

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