January 10, 2007

New year tops the news

A media-shy first baby of 2007 topped the January 10 Spokesman issue. Little Lillian Bailey held up the presses last week on January 2 and finally we just had to put out the paper without her!Appearing just a few hours after the ink was drying on last week's Spokesman, we finally got Lillian's pretty little face on the front page this Wednesday.

  • Redmond may hit the history books -- or at least the record books -- after this summer's big RV rally. Promoters are planning on holding the biggest whoopee cushion sit-in the world has ever seen. Nearly 5,000 productive bottoms are scheduled to break phony wind during The Rally, a recreational vehicle gathering of nearly 12,000 people.
  • The city's still searching for a new police chief after a prospective candidate and city officials failed to come to contract terms. The city hopes to be interviewing again by March.
  • Redmond High School Panthers won 35-33 over wrestling powerhouse Crook County last week and will now be heading into this week's huge Oregon Classic, where they are expected to do well.
  • Puleo's Italian Ristorante is back on Seventh Street in north Redmond after opting out of the lease it held at Redmond's historic train depot near Wal-Mart. The city is entertaining proposals from other interested restaurant owners to find a new tenant.

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