February 20, 2007

February 21, 2007

  • The Redmond School District is looking ahead to spring 2008 to place a school construction ballot before the voters. Before the ballot is written -- how much and for what -- district officials are planning on holding a community forum in March to solicite public comment. The questions asked, according to Superintendent Vickie Fleming, won't just be about money and buildings but what community members expect in the education of students and how facilities are thought to contribute to that outcome.
  • After presentation of a bold, multi-block redevelopment plan for downtown Redmond, Mayor Alan Unger, for one, is eager to get started. Consultants SERA Architects have proposed tackling the ambitious plan in three phases but Unger said, “We’re looking at trying to not have phases, but to try to address as much as we can to get more going at once." Besides looking for private investors for retail and commercial development, the plan calls for city investment in parks, parking, and a new city hall.
  • Redmond High School wrestlers took home nine medals at the OSAA 6A State Wrestling Championships last weekend. The Panthers took third place in team standings. At the event senior Austin Enoch won his third state championship in four years.

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