March 13, 2007

Letters to the editor

Thanks to our community
We are overwhelmed by the amazing support from our community. Your support and prayers have all been heartfelt. Your donations and contributions have been gracious. We are so very thankful for everything and most of all the love and support of our community. We especially want to thank Donna Torcom for all her hard work. We would also like to thank Pam Mayo, Papas Pizza in Redmond, Dave Hamilton Motors, the entire community of Redmond, and the staff and associates at Wal-Mart in Redmond.
Michael would personally like to thank the entire staff and students at Redmond High School for the very special graduation ceremony and commencements. And a very special thank you to the Sparrow Club.Today Michael is stable. He has just finished his five days of chemotherapy and is resting at home. Please keep in touch. You can e-mail Michael at
Thank you so much. God bless you all.
The McDaniel family
Measure 37 causing regrets
Powell Butte is and always has been strictly an agricultural community. The sign as you enter sums it up, “Good crops, good stock, good neighbors.” All of that is being threatened with the resorts that have already been approved and now with the proposal my neighbor has put before the county.
Being proposed is a planned unit development to be built upon their remaining 125 acres of farmland. This nightmare stems from Measure 37, a law I knew nothing about until receiving the notice in the mail from the county. You learn fast when your entire livelihood and lifestyle are being threatened.
Oregon has land use laws which regulate the use of farmland, waterways and forests. Those land use laws allow farmers and ranchers to go about their business without threat of land development to surround and overtake them. Measure 37 wipes all that out. For instance, my neighbor has filed a request that they be allowed the planned unit development or be compensated $10 million by Crook County. Even though this is an overblown figure that has no basis, the county, in fear of this threat, will no doubt allow the proposal through.
Measure 37 is such a deceiving law. It is one that most people did not understand clearly when put before the voters.
The fact is, they (my neighbors) have become greedy and don’t care about the irreversible negative affects this would have on their neighbors, schools, water and environment in general. They will not live long enough to care about these real concerns. We have put down roots here since the 1980s. The easy answer to some would be to move, but it’s not so easy.
Please research Measure 37 and help to abolish it for the good of Oregon. After all, agriculture is the second leading industry in Oregon.
Carla Bridges
Powell Butte
RDP needs to step up to the plate
Many downtown business people have been patiently waiting for the Redmond Downtown Partnership (RDP) to show not only the business community, but the community as a whole just exactly what their purpose is.
To this point, after 16 months, the RDP, a taxpayer supported organization, has done nothing to validate its existence, let alone for the city to continue to fund it.
To date, the executive director’s door has been a revolving door. Its membership has dwindled, the board of directors is imperialistic and inaccessible, and its current executive director was a member of this same board who has put RDP in the position that it is today.
Yet the City of Redmond and the original interim board gave this organization all the tools it needed for the “roadmap to success.” Evidently, this board has taken a wrong turn.
It is time for the stakeholders in downtown to wrest control of the RDP. I think it is clear that this board just can’t quite “cut the mustard.”
The RDP’s purpose is to help the city implement the Downtown Action Plan. One of the missions that this organization was to perform was business retention and recruitment. What policies and procedures are in place that will ensure parity amongst tenants and landlords, present and future? There are also board members that serve on DURAC, which is the funding entity to the RDP. Quite frankly, this is not right and is leading to many questions downtown.
In my view and the view of many downtown, this board is incapable of performing the duties outlined by the Downtown Action Plan. If the organization is to continue, it has to put people on it that are less concerned about their resumes and more concerned about results.
In closing, the one ingredient that is missing for a successful downtown is the merchant, present and future.
Duane Gilbert
Downtown Redmond business owner

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