March 6, 2007

March 7, 2007

It appears Redmond's healthy water system has been a victim of its own success. With infrequent repairs needed, the city's maintenance budget for aging pipes and other infrastructure has been frequently cut to allow funds for more urgent projects. Now the city is considering raising water rates more than its usual 3 percent a year to allow build-up of funds for gradual replacement of the oldest sections of water pipe, some now more than 75 years old. City officials are considering a 5 percent hike, which would begin with the new fiscal year.

Redmond received a new market this month when La Conchinita Contenta (The Happy Piglet) opened on Sixth Street downtown. The store will have a full meat counter, tortilla factory, bakery and deli, in addition to grocery items tailored towards the Hispanic market.

The annual Redmond History Walk, slated for June 23 this year, has selected a theme for 2007. 'Redmond Project Blue Book' will highlight the community's more-than-usual number of UFO sightings and reports of extraterrestrial encounters. Project Blue Book was the U.S. military's official investigative program into UFO reports. The event will explore the serious -- collecting UFO first-person narratives and holding a science fiction art show -- and the silly, such as kids crafting Star Trek communicators out of duct tape.

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