May 22, 2007

May 23, 2007

  • Redmond High School's speciality programs housed in the Hartman building are filling up: more than 450 students are signed up next year for either the International School of the Cascades, Global Academy, or the SUCCESS Academy. Last year the fledgling programs had less than 300 students, causing concern over the under-utilization of the building.
  • Several years ago St. Thomas Catholic Church moved into a new building across town and put its former site on Forest and 11th Street up for sale. Still unsold, now St. Thomas has asked the city for a new zoning designation, in hopes of making the property more marketable. The church is located in a residential area. City officials say St. Thomas is considering filing a Measure 37 claim if it is turned down for the zone change.
  • ODOT is looking to improve Highway 97 in Terrebonne but the near future will bring only new pavement and widening in some areas. Long-term goals include a possible couplet and an improved intersection at Lower Bridge Way.

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