June 12, 2007

June 13, 2007

  • A renewed interest in murals, in part fueled by Redmond's upcoming centennial, has caused some in the city to wonder whether Redmond needs some guidelines in place before paintings start showing up all over town. Members of local art and history organizations are meeting with city officials in an effort to decide how, or if, Redmond should regulate building murals.
  • Redmond High School's panther sculpture, stolen earlier this month by possible graduating seniors, has yet to show up. Police have no clues as yet.
  • Redmond's farmers market is open every Monday afternoon again, but this year is located next to St. Charles-Redmond.
  • The Society of Professional Journalists has awarded the Redmond Spokesman second place in its 2006 Excellence in Journalism contest, in the category of General Excellence.

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