July 31, 2007

Aug. 1, 2007

  • Redmond is moving forward in its plans for a new Public Works complex, and -- further down the road -- a new city hall. Designs are being crafted for the public works buildings, which will be relocated in 2009 from its current site near the Redmond Airport to east Redmond on Antler Avenue. The city hall idea will be floated to any interested development companies who may be interested in helping the city with a public/private partnership that would yield a new, larger city hall and parking garage.
  • A bomb scare in southwest Redmond turned out to be dud, but was convincing enough to evacuate 17 homes and call in the bomb squad from the valley.
  • No citations have been handed out yet in Redmond's efforts to enforce its temporary sign ordinance, but 54 businesses were recently notified they were in violation.

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