July 17, 2007

July 18, 2007

  • Redmond's Sunfest celebration begins Friday afternoon on the downtown plaza and continues through Saturday night. Music, food, kid's activities and vendors aplenty can be found surrounding Seventh and Evergreen. Log onto www.redmondsunfest.com for more information.
  • The sale of homes in Redmond hit its lowest level in four years during the first half of 2007 but local realtors and community boosters are hopeful this will be its slowest point. Redmond's wealth of land for commercial uses may be its saving grace, say the experts.
  • The city has offered to purchase a home site adjacent to the eastern edge of the future Legion Park in Redmond. If the sale goes through the location will provide another access point for the park south of Highland Avenue.

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Anonymous said...

maybe someday city of redmond will build a target dept store for the locals to shop at /so people wont have to drive down to bend to shop at target dept store /target has far better quality of products to offer to buy more than walmart does with there phony low price deceiving practices /