July 24, 2007

Spokesman staff speaks out

When they dedicated the eagle statue at Highland Avenue I was on my way to work. I sat for 15 minutes in the heat before traffic came to a crawling move. I couldn’t believe they had waited until rush hour to put up this monstrosity. I avoided the area all week and finally drove past that weekend to see what I had been complaining about. I was mesmerized. The eagle took my breath away, it was so beautiful. Now I purposely take the route to work past the eagle so I can remind myself how something that made me so angry now brings so much joy!
Brenda Wright, classified

Ever think what a pleasure it would be to see an RV run over by a train? The more expensive the more fun it would be. Think $500,000 Beaver Coach...train going 60 mph...poof.
Gary Newman, reporter and traumatized veteran
of multiple RV encounters in the last week

After hearing horror stories about inflated numbers regarding the economic impacts of these large RV rallies, it was gratifying to see hordes of RVers pouring out of local restaurants and walking Redmond’s streets and shops. They came, they spent, they left. Best of both worlds (and they were really nice, too).
Leslie Pugmire Hole, editor

Redmond doesn’t have the big, old growth pines of Bend and Sisters. It is those handsome old trees that give cities their curb appeal. In just 24 months I’ve driven past several barren patches of land right after big trees were butchered. Suggestion? Put away the chainsaws and find a way to build around big trees or heal the sick ones.

Tara LaVelle, news assistant

Kudos! After years of negotiation the Stonehedge Homeowners Association has finally agreed to sell the city canyon bottom land needed to complete the Dry Canyon Trail. This will fulfill the dreams of many longtime residents who had a vision begun more than 25 years ago of a trail from the wastewater plant to Quartz Avenue.

Trish Pinkerton, reporter

Most people are considerate about not blocking intersections and they do acknowledge it when they’ve accidentally done it. But then there are those people who deliberately block cross streets during backed up traffic and don’t seem to care at all. Very rude — and illegal.

Nancy Povey, office manager

On a positive note: Redmond must have the best ‘small city’ airport in America! A tremendous, friendly staff makes flying a pleasure, and the upgraded facilities are great. My hat is off to all of the workers who do such a great job getting the people, and the planes, in and out of there fast. On a negative note: We must also have the worst “small city” roads in America. I’ve seen several near-accidents because of the deep ruts that are so hazardous to navigate.

Russ Morgan, news designer

Why are homeowner associations (HOA) such volatile organizations? Most people agree with the concept of ‘pride of ownership’ yet the groups’ covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CCRs) seem to cause varying degrees of interpretation and /or heartburn. Add to this a fee structure, enforcement responsibility, architectural approval, and general board politics and it seems we build an insurmountable hurdle to the American dream of home ownership. Are they a need for the masses or a tool for the privileged?

Gary Husman, publisher

It’s an admirable thing that someone finally decided to make an effort at cleaning up the trash and weeds around Redmond with the ‘Spruce-Up’ a couple weeks back. What’s troubling is that it was apparently done for the purpose of putting on a good face for attendees at the RV rallies, the county fair, and other events that bring out-of-towners into the city. Will our visitors be so impressed they move here, only to discover littering and untidiness goes unchecked the other 11 months of the year?

Scott Hammers, reporter

Has anyone given attention to the canal area at Hwy 97 and Odem Medo? Weedy and ugly. This is the first thing newcomers see heading north and the last impression for those traveling south. What a vision of beauty to leave as an impression.

Denise Duval, advertising

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