August 21, 2007

August 22, 2007

  • The Spokesman is trying to solve a mystery: Why did it and the Malhuer Enterprise newspaper share a trophy in the 1930s dedicated to the former head of the Oregon DMV, Hal E. Hoss? The small trophy has been gracing the Enterprise's office for so many years everyone has lost track of its meaning. It is inscribed with both paper's names, a series of dates in the 1930s, and little else in the way of clues.
  • The dirt is finally beging pushed this week for Legion Park, to be located south of Highland Avenue in Redmond. Work on phase one of the park is expected to be due next spring. More funds, or volunteer donations, will have to be found for the second phase of features.
  • Terrebonne residents are up in arms over the recent pedestrian fatality there. ODOT's refusal to lower the speed limit or add a traffic light has them seeing red and clamoring for meetings with ODOT officials.

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Mike said...

Regarding the award for the newspaper. Hoss was also the president of the Oregon Press Association a few times. See: