October 9, 2007

Oct. 10, 2007

  • After rejecting a city staff request for more consultant services to help with planning a 'fix' for the woeful Fifth and Sixth streets after the Highway 97 reroute is done, Redmond's Downtown Urban Renewal Advisory Commission asked for, and received, a commitment for a city-authored proposal.
  • People are still talking about a 'community center' in Redmond that could potentially house recreation, senior and kids' services, but a lack of a viable site is slowing down any real planning or concepts. Such a project would need a large parcel, centrally located and affordable -- not an easy thing to find in Redmond.
  • The Redmond School District considers the idea of a school construction bond in the near future a given, but has not yet decided what it might look like. Talk has even begun about possibly expanding the current 2,000-student high school rather than build a new one in another site.

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