November 21, 2007

Nov. 21, 2007

  • As the city is preparing its parks master plan, preparing for Redmond's next 25 years or so of recreation needs, it has been hearing from various residents and groups. Most recently the city parks commission heard from skateboard and freestyle bike enthusiasts encouraging the city to plan for more space. Currently freestyle BMX riders have no facility and the current skate park is the most heavily frequently park in town.
  • Redmond city councilors opted to grant St. Thomas Church its Measure 37 claim but it may not help the church with its end goal of creating a more desirable property if the city won't also agree to grant a zone change on the property. The church has been trying to sell its former site in residential southwest Redmond for three years. Councilors agreed to consider the zone request Nov. 27 but several have already expressed reservations.

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