December 18, 2007

Seeking expatriate Redmondites!

If you moved away from home some years ago you may be not remember that Redmond turns 100 in 2010 -- AND the Redmond Spokesman shares the city's birthday!

We are planning a big splash for the centennial celebrations and could use your help. We're looking for former (or current!) residents with photographs and memories they may want to share of years gone by in Redmond. We'd love to see your photos of the family farm in 1930, the homecoming dance in 1965, the boys at the CCC camp -- whatever you'd like to share. In addition we want to hear stories about notables from Redmond's history like Sam Johnson, JR Roberts, Mary Brown and Jessie Hill.

Help us make 2010 a killer birthday party for Redmond. You can call the paper, 541-548-2184, e-mail us at or send us a note at PO Box 788, Redmond OR 97756.

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shortcuts said...

To Redmond Spokesman,

My name is W. Dean Short. I graduated from Redmond Union High School in 1954 and was born in Bend, Oregon June 18, 1936.

My father was James (Jim) F. Short.
He and my mother started and ran the Dechutes Grain and Feed Company from the early 30"s. The business was sold and the Mile-Away Ranch was established (1 mile west of Redmond) Purebred Shorthorn Cattle and sheep. Additional land was farmed in Madras and Culver.

I have a few pictures that you may be interested in. In addition we have some MM movies from the early 30's until approximately 1940. These include a few of the functions during the early Fair years. If you have a local media program in your High School we would like to donate these movies and projector so they might be transfered to a tape or digital media for a historical record....

Please let me know if any of this material would be of interest to you.


W. Dean Short

PS. Jessie Hill was my first grade teacher (plus my sister and brother 15 years earier). Mary Brown was one of my favorite persons during the early years.