February 27, 2008

Redmond's history detectives

History Detectives:
Searching for the story of Redmond through pictures and stories

Photos bring the past to life – the dress, hairstyles, architecture and events of each era.
Since settlers arrived in what is now the Redmond area more than 100 years ago, thousands of photographs have been taken, but only a fraction have been shared with the public.
The Redmond Historical Commission collection contains about 1,000 photos, mostly from the first 40 years of the 20th century.
The Spokesman has a few old photos from various eras saved in recent years when they were found in odd places during office remodeling projects. But with remarkable shortsightedness, until about a dozen years ago the Spokesman tossed photos one year from the time they were published. In the past few years, the change to digital photography has made it easier to archive photos, at least the images we use in the paper.
We know many more images of Redmond’s past are out there, stuck in photo albums and boxes, or framed on the wall.
In the past couple of years, several people have shared photos from their collections with us, and with you, via the weekly Flashback column and Local Legacy stories.
But with Redmond’s centennial on the horizon – the city was incorporated on July 6, 1910 – we’d like even more photos to document the town’s growth – and we’ll be sharing copies with the Redmond Historical Commission for inclusion in their permanent collection. The Spokesman will also be celebrating 100 years of publication in July 2010 and this time we plan on being much smarter with our archiving so future generations will be able to access this valuable visible history.
Remember –snapshots are welcome. Photos of kids playing in a yard with a house in the background, birthday party celebrations, or a group walking a parade route or participating in a community event can reveal much about an era. We're particularly interested in seeing photos from the latter half of the 20th century, 1950-present.
If you’d like to share your photos of Redmond’s past, e-mail high resolution copies to news@redmondspokesman.com , or bring them by the office, 226 NW Sixth St., during business hours, and we’ll scan them. Depending on when you bring them in, you may need to leave them for a day or two.
And don’t forget to provide information on when and where the photo was taken and names of any people in the photo.
For more information call 548-2184, and ask for Trish or Leslie.

-- Trish Pinkerton

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