June 24, 2008

Silver bowl returns to Redmond

It was a cool spring morning June 11, but Juniper Golf Club was bustling with energy. Cars were arriving by the droves and the Men's Club was on logistical duty, taking care of golf bags.
The Silver Bowl tournament between the women of Juniper and Bend Golf and Country Club was delayed by an hour because of frost, but golfers warmed up at breakfast and on the putting green for the traditional golf tournament that has a history stretching more than 50 years.
"We all like golf," said Judi Bell-Putas of the Bend club, who was on the putting green. "It's just the competition and you get to play each other's course. It's serious, but fun."
"I drive over here because it's beautiful," said Jan Carver, a member of Juniper from Sisters who was also getting in some pre-tournament putting practice. "Bend won it last year so we're really wanting to win it this year. We want to get it back."
Last year Dorothy Stenkamp tallied a net score of 66 on her home course at Bend to win it for her club.
It was a day as sunny with good cheer as it was on the golf course, although it must be reported that not all of the 62 golfers who teed off in the tournament were happy with where their golf balls fell.
This year Juniper reversed its fortunes when Deanna Cooper won on a tie-breaker to bring the bowl back to Redmond.
"I think we all look forward to the Silver Bowl," said Cooper, who is president of the Juniper Ladies. "The Silver Bowl is just a nice little competition with Bend."
Cooper, who had a net score of 69, noted that the women enjoy working as a group to win the tournament.
"It's just a really happy feeling for our club to put the Silver Bowl back in our trophy case."
No one knows how long the tournament has run, but it goes back at least to 1957 when the Spokesman reported that 34 women teed off at Juniper and Shirley Kip of Redmond carded an 86 to win the gross and Lil Gifford hit a low net of 69.

-- story by Gary Newman

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Sue said...

Nice article, I was one of those in the competition, just wanted you to know how much we (Juniper Ladies Club) appreciate your coverage of our event.