December 26, 2008

Cynthia Lea Hamilton

Cynthia Lea Hamilton
January 2, 1960 - December 9, 2008

Cindy was born Cynthia Lea Poss in Burlingame, California on January 2, 1960. She died Cynthia Lea Hamilton on December 9, 2008 in Spring Creek, Nevada at the age of 48. In between, she was Cynthia Lea McFadden, Cynthia Lea Teater -- twice a wife, twice a mother, once a grandmother; ever giving, ever striving, ever living and loving, and lovely.
Cindy moved with her family to Redmond, Oregon in 1968 and graduated from Redmond High School in 1978. She lettered in golf, played first chair flute and piccolo, and was crowned Homecoming Queen her senior year. After high school, she attended Merritt Davis School of Business in Salem, where she earned her Certificate in Accounting in 1979. That same year, she married her high school sweetheart, Cameron Teater, and had two sons: Michael in 1981 and Stephen in 1982.
Self-described and proven to be “tougher than nails,” Cindy worked in Central Oregon at a lumber mill and at the Pozzi window company before making her career in law enforcement as a 9-1-1 dispatcher from 1989 to 1994. For 11 years afterward she was a records specialist for the Sunriver, Redmond and Bend police departments, where her diligence, efficiency and technical expertise earned her many friends and admirers, and the nickname “Ms. Bizz.” During the last eight years of her life she was also the founding director and administrator of the Howard Cross Foundation, which awards grants and scholarships to low-income, high-achieving youth.
In 2005, Cindy retired temporarily from police work and moved to Spring Creek, Nevada. She spent her time renovating her two rental properties, working security for Stockmen’s Casino, exploring the Nevada desert with her new love Charlie Collins, vacationing, and traveling often to visit her family in Oregon, Washington and California. She was proud to complete her training as a 9-1-1 emergency dispatcher for Elko County in November 2008 and was scheduled to begin her new job on the 13th of December.
Cindy was entirely too much fun. Despite her toughness she was still sensitive and very pretty. She loved dancing, live music, road trips, horseback riding, camping, fishing, playing cards, board games, crossword puzzles, absurd comedy, Disneyland, keeping busy, God and her family, but most of all her boys. She liked Junior Mints and the color pink. She was a devoted, self-sacrificing mother; a magical cook; a talented seamstress; a shy artist; a good writer; a tireless worker and a true friend who put others before herself.
Cindy loved people. She kept in touch, reaching out with regular surprise letters and packages of things she found or bought, just because. And even if the parcels were strictly business, Cindy would include a note written on a Post-It or scrap of paper in her practiced, swoopy handwriting that was as recognizable as her soft voice. She would promise to call soon or e-mail, and she would. She made those living at a distance feel considered and missed.
Animals loved and trusted Cindy, and she understood them and cared for them. Cindy had many, many pets, but chief among them were her dogs Keno, Roulette, and Winnemucca; her cats Velcro and Flex; and her horse Kiddo, who was sometimes allowed in the house.
Cindy couldn’t help but cry at farewells, while watching “Lonesome Dove,” listening to music she grew up with, and when reminiscing. Then she would laugh. Cindy’s laugh was loud, carefree and contagious, and she loved to laugh away sorrow and misfortune, preferring to think on the beautiful, the good, and the possibility of a new day. She spread her optimism and joy with her unsinkable sense of humor, her country wit and her funny faces.
She was a self-made woman, strong in her faith, filled with hope and generous with love; a helper, a giver, a healer and a Mom to all who needed her. Cindy could do anything, especially those things she was told she couldn’t do. Her radiance, her sparkle, her energy, her bravery, her charm and compassion, and her big smile inspired, nurtured and endeared her to everyone blessed with the good fortune to have known her; how precious and original, strong and fragile, and real she was.
Cindy is survived by her parents, Norman and Suzie Poss, and Bill and Joan McFadden; her identical twin sister Sandy, and her sisters Tami, Laurie, Jill, Tina, and Maryanne; her brother John; her ex-husbands Cameron Teater and Leslie Hamilton; her beau Charlie Collins; her sons Michael and Stephen; her grandson Mason; and countless other close friends and relatives, all of whom miss her dearly and cannot wait to see her again. Services will be held at a later date. Dates and times will be published as we receive them.

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Anonymous said...

Her love is still with us and grows stronger each day. I miss her dearly. Twin to Cindy, Sandy