March 10, 2009

Budget Alert: Redmond Rec District

Redmond Area Park and Recreation District
Meeting on proposed 2009-10 budget
March 12, 5:30 p.m.
Cascade Swim Center465 S.W. Rimrock Way.
Additional meetings to be determined

Redmond Area Park and Recreation District’s upcoming proposed budget is about 11 percent higher than this year’s, an increase of just over $159,000. However, most of the budget is pretty much the same or less in most fund categories, said Katie Hammer, RAPRD executive director.

The biggest addition to the proposed budget is the annual $90,000 debt service payment on the land for future facilities on Southwest 35th Street that the district acquired earlier this year.
The district will take comment on the proposed budget beginning at the first budget meeting March 12.

The district’s funding comes mainly from property taxes and program fees. The district’s permanent tax rate of 37 cents per thousand is expected to bring in $1,119,783. The proposed budget assumes a 91 percent collection rate. The district is anticipating ending the 2008-09 budget year on June 30 with an ending fund balance of $301,550 to start the new fiscal year.

RAPRD is not anticipating a decrease in property tax revenues, Hammer said, but not much growth either. Each year she consults with the county assessor on property tax estimates for the coming fiscal year. The assessor has told the district that estimated property tax collections should remain about the same for the next year, she said.

The district’s recreation and activity programs are mostly self-supporting, though the general fund does kick in $50,000 to help pay the recreation coordinator position and the lease for the activity center, but most of the costs are cost neutral, Hammer said. If people don’t sign up for programs they aren’t held, so the supplies are not ordered and the instructors are not paid.

This year some program enrollments are a little bit down, thus user fees from programs are down a bit.“The budget for next year reflects those lower numbers,” she said.

Hammer anticipates that during the budget meetings there will be discussion of whether or not to renew the district’s one-year lease of the activity center at 335 S.E. Jackson St.this spring. The revenue gap for the year is about $30,000, Hammer said, the majority being the lease payments. The revenue from programs held there pays for most of the cost of staff and utilities.

The majority of the district’s budget is spent on Cascade Swim Center and its aquatic programs.Proposed capital building projects for the year total $52,500 and include replacing flooring at the swim center, replacing curbs in the parking lot, painting the exterior of the building and some of the interior.

Capital equipment purchases proposed total $17,000 and include a solar water heater for the spray park at the swim center, $5,000; a water extractor (suit spinner), $3,000; and an ultraviolet system that will work in conjunction with the chlorine system for sanitizing the spa, $9,000.The water extractor, which would allow pool users to spin much of the water from their suits before they leave the building, is something the district has been getting requests for, Hammer said.

The proposed swim center-related budget items include $2,000 in proposed boiler work and an increase of $1,700 in grounds supplies for parking lot and irrigation repairs and improvements and basketball court maintenance.

However, the proposed budget cuts building and pool supplies by $3,900 and reduces the pool activities fund by $700 to reflect anticipated lower user numbers.

The district also maintains Borden Beck Wildlife Preserve at Lower Bridge, the historic Tetherow property on the Deschutes northwest of Redmond, High Desert Sports Complex on Northeast Maple Avenue and is developing Majestic Summit Park on Forked Horn Butte.

The park maintenance fund has a proposed increase of $6,050, largely due to an $6,680 increase in the small projects line item. The projects, mostly at High Desert Sports Complex, include dugout expansion, gravel for the warming track at one of the softball fields, and other small projects to improve the complex’s appearance.

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Jecika said...

Sounds Good Budget !! I wish all this alloted budget money should be used to the proposed plan and bring good change and improvement overall in the District.