March 27, 2012

Sneak peek into Ridgeview High School

Every classroom wing in Ridgeview has one flex-space classroom, with movable
doors in between standard-sized classrooms.

Ridgeview's library/media room

Every classroom wing at Ridgeview has a few pocket-sized rooms for small groups

Several Ridgeview classrooms, including this computer lab, have large rolling doors that open to common
areas that may be used to expand instructional space.

Daylight, from windows, light wells and skylights, are the immedicate difference
from Redmond High that visitors to Ridgeview will see.

The gym at Ridgeview is a pair of full-sized courts that altogther can seat 2,000 specators.

Ridgview's 600-seat audiotorium contained a full orchestra pit, trap doors on the stage and several
stories of height backstage for equipment and sets

Ridgeview's main gym

Ridgeview's  wrestling room

Ridgeview Principal Lee Loving views the expansive backstage
area at Ridgeview's theater

Ridgeview's auditorium

Student instructional area for Ridgeview's culinary classes

Ridgeview's commons is bookended by both a student and school-run kitchen, a student
bookstore and glasswalled meeting room, which will be available for public use

An instructional space in the engineering/tecnology area

The "green screen" room for filming in Ridgeviews audio-visual technology area

Ridgeview High School's main entrance

Ridgeview's athletic facilities are hoped to provide a great sports experience for students, the community and -- eventually -- visiting sporting events who want to pay for the privlege

While Ridgeview has much more daylight coming into the interior than Redmond High,
it also has awnings to shield the rooms from the sun in the warm months.

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Rick said...

wow . . that is a really nice building ... Looks like onward and upward for Redmond. I just wonder where the school garden will be and how big it will be. The ability to grow food for the lunch program would be a valuable operation for the kids to learn about growing food at an early age.