October 6, 2015

Oct. 6, 2015 Column

It’s Just A Little Rain

Pre-published in the Spokesman: September 2014
ANIMALISMS: by Liza C. Little

As summer begins to gently transition into fall some go into the change of season facing a loss of some degree and the loss of summer can be symbolic. This can make everything from the upcoming events of the new season to daily activities seem suddenly more challenging. It’s amazing how those rose-tinted glasses we wear can fade with the first hint of change coming. Our animal friends face their own losses too. Are they better at adapting than we humans are?

As I sit outside this evening there is a certain kind of magic in the air as the sun sets on the high desert and the cooler breezes tease our emotions as they push and pull to feel at peace again. I look to the animals and nature for answers. The squirrels scurry to collect more nuts, the bunnies nibble on the season’s last sprout of clover, the deer’s winter coats begin to come in and the fawn’s spots begin to fade. They take time to sit in the sun and lift their noses to the cool breeze and instinctively know it’s time to prepare for cooler days and colder nights. Gardens begin to produce their final harvest as if knowing their work is finished for the season. Even the trees sway majestically, anxious to present their bright colorful gifts to us.

Have you ever noticed how animals deal with loss? Many seem to have a mourning period but then amazingly, marvelously they just stop -- as if making a decision that their mourning period is finished. They begin to run in the grass again, chase a ball across the house, splash around in a pond, wag their tails as they are given love, stick their noses out the window and feel the exhilarating feeling of being in the wind. They seem to waste no time enjoying life again after a short mourning period. If we could somehow just lasso this magic!

They don’t make life harder than it has to be, they don’t clutter their minds with the why and should or hold on to anger and grief. They don’t maliciously hurt one another. They live in peace together and in the present moment. As fall then winter comes upon us, the message they silently speak to us is to be calm, slow down a little, prepare your nest and reflect. Let the act of summer letting go into fall be a symbol for you to let go. Allow the shorter days to encourage you to write a new page in your book of life, get to know yourself, give to others unconditionally, forgive yourself and others, take warm baths, make comforting soup, spend time with your loves ones.

The storms will come and they will rock your world but they will also pass and while they are here, do as the animals do: be alive, lift your face to the invigorating breeze, soak up the sunshine and remember the animals mourn too, but only for a brief moment. Somehow they know it’s just a little rain falling into their world that will soon pass….that’s all.  

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