April 12, 2016

Transportation department warns drivers of migrating deer

From the Oregon Department of Transportation:
BEND – With spring at hand, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is advising motorists to be on the lookout for migrating mule deer on US97 and other Oregon highways
“Spring is the traditional season when mule deer that have been over-wintering near Fort Rock make their way back to the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range”, said Cidney Bowman, wildlife biologist for ODOT. “They have to cross US97 to reach their destination so motorists need to be alert for deer on or near the highway”.
The bulk of the deer migration starts about mid-April and extends until late-May in Central Oregon. With the late snows this year, ODOT expects the deer to be moving en-masse through the hotspot corridors along US97, US20 and OR31. Most of the animals will be traveling during the dawn and dusk hours, but motorists can expect to see them at any time. “Motorists need to know that if they see one deer, they haven’t seen them all”, said Bowman. “Being alert for deer is especially important during the migration”.

For more on deer migration and the impact on Central Oregon Highways visit:

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