May 2, 2016

Officers rescue juvenile escapee at Redmond canal

From Redmond Police:

Redmond, OR - On May 1st, 2016, officer’s with the Redmond Police Department responded to the 3600 block of SW Canal Blvd for a wanted male juvenile who had escaped from Rimrock Trails Adolescent Treatment Center in Prineville, Oregon. When officer’s arrived they located the male, who then ran from police and jumped into the canal in order to escape police custody. As the male juvenile approached the spillway in the Canal on the south side of SW Greens Blvd an impromptu water rescue was performed by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, Redmond Police Department, and Oregon State Police. The water rescue included placing a catch rope across the canal for the male juvenile to grab in order to prevent him from going down the spillway.

While in the canal, and approximately 17 yards from the spillway, the male juvenile attempted to go under the catch rope. At that time a Redmond Police Officer was able to get into the canal to prevent the juvenile from going down the spillway. The juvenile actively fought the officer as the officer was trying to get him out of the canal. Other officers assisted and they were able to get the male out of the water before he went down the spillway.

The Redmond Police Department is committed to making Redmond the safest community in Oregon. We value human life and will take all steps necessary to make all of our community members feel safe. If you or a loved one are in need of mental health or addiction assistance there are resources, such as Deschutes County Behavioral Health, out there to help you get through the difficult times. Deschutes County Behavioral Health can be contacted at 541-322-7500 for further assistance.

The Redmond Police Department would also like to remind our community that during the spring and summer months the canal’s water flow is high with multiple hazardous spillways which pose a danger for people and animals. The canal is private property owned by COID (Central Oregon Irrigation District) and people can be arrested for trespassing on/in the canal.

The Redmond Police Department would like to thank the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police for their assistance with this investigation.

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