July 7, 2016

Straw Propeller to make Massachusetts man's oatmeal recipe

From Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods:
When Tony and Patricia Bartelson, owners of Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods heard that Quaker Oats denied a Massachusetts man’s oatmeal recipe because he submitted it in a handwritten letter and not electronically they knew they had to reach out to the man, Will Smith. Mr. Smith is an 80 year old man from MA who submitted the tropical recipe to Quaker in response to a contest they were running to generate new recipes. The story has been trending on social media since February.
Read story here.
Quickly, Straw Propeller responded and agreed to create Will Smith’s tropical recipe. The new flavor which contains oatmeal, brown sugar, pineapple and coconut will debut next month. “We feel this new addition will be a great new flavor to add to our existing profile and it has a compelling story behind it” said VP of Sales and Marketing Julie Leutschaft. At Straw Propeller, we don’t represent big corporate America, we are out for the little guy. We are old school and we take the time to read hand written correspondence because that shows heart and we are all about heart”
The newest flavor will be called Pineapple Cocon-Oats and will debut to the market August 1, 2016.

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