August 31, 2016

Hospice Scam Alert

From Redmond Hospice,

Beware of Hospice Scam Alert
A Letter from Executive Director

To all Central Oregon community members:

   An organization called The Hospice Support Fund, located in Merrifield, VA, has been soliciting for donations in our area. Their form letter includes the town's name nearest to you. For example: if you live in or near Redmond, it is the 20L4 Redmond Annual Fund Drive.

   Please do not confuse Hospice of Redmond or any of your local hospices with The Hospice Support Fund. They have no affiliation with any of us.

   According to Legal Disclosure on their web site (,
any donation you make goes to Virginia to be used for "50% on fundraising, 20% on administration, 5% on program services, and 25% on public education in conjunction with fundraising appeals."
   Again, this solicitation has no connection or affiliation to us. Hospice of Redmond uses 100% of your generous donations for patient care and program expenses to benefit local community members here in our Central Oregon service area. If you have any questions, please call us at 541-548-7483.
   - Karla Stead, Executive Director, Hospice of Redmond

Safely donate to Hospice of Redmond at

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