August 12, 2016

Redmond July DUII Activity

From Redmond Police Department,

Redmond Police Department announce July DUII results,
 planned August enforcement

  The Redmond Police Department conducted three enhanced DUII enforcement patrols in July. During this effort, Redmond police put three additional officers on the road, funded by DUII grant funds. These three Officers worked a total of thirteen (13) hours resulting in approximately 35 traffic stops being conducted. No DUII arrests were made, and several traffic violation citations were issued.

  During the month of July, patrol officers working their regular shifts arrested thirteen (13) DUII drivers.

  Redmond police will continue enhanced DUII patrols throughout the remaining month of August. At least five enforcement efforts are planned throughout the month. Towards the end of the month of August, a nationwide seatbelt enforcement campaign is planned, as is enhanced DUII patrols leading up to Labor Day Weekend in September.

  The primary intent of these extra patrols is to prevent deaths, injuries and property damage caused by DUII drivers by removing them from the road. Redmond Police Department officers are trained to look for signs of impairment beyond just alcohol, as many other substances, legal or illegal, can impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle.

  The officers of your Redmond Police Department are committed to making Redmond the safest city in Oregon. Preventing, locating and arresting DUII drivers is one of many ways they are working to accomplish this vision. Funding to support these enhanced DUII patrols is provided by a DUII High Visibility Enforcement Grant, awarded to the Redmond Police Department from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

  Please report suspected DUII drivers by calling 541-693-6911 in Deschutes County or anywhere in Oregon by calling 800-24-DRUNK (800-243-7865).

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