September 2, 2016

Fifth Annual Scarecrow Fundraiser

From Cheriee Perrine Ka Nui Salon

Scarecrows to reside downtown this fall

Spokesman Files

   Downtown merchants and businesses are sponsoring our 5th annual scarecrow contest and fundraiser. Businesses and merchants are encouraged to partner with a charitable organization. This will be a fundraiser for the schools and non-profits. 
  People can vote for their favorite scarecrow with a $0.50 ticket to be purchased at any participating business. Patrons may vote as many times as they would like. Each non-profit will earn the money collected by the votes in the container attached to the scarecrow, plus have the potential for winning a monetary prize provided by the merchants. Each participating business is asked to donate $30, to be divided between the two winning scarecrows.
  A wooden frame with a head and stick body frame will be provided if needed, but it is not necessary. Creativity and fun is encouraged for the creators. The scarecrows will be visible on the sidewalks outside of the businesses sponsoring the scarecrow. It is recommended that the scarecrows be built in a wagon or small flatbed with wheels so that it can be wheeled into the business at night. Hopefully, this will discourage any vandalism. 
  The scarecrows will be displayed from October 1 to November 1.

   Each participating business and/or merchant will provide monetary assistance to the creators of their scarecrow. Participating businesses/merchants will need to pay a $30 fee, which will be used as the money award going to the two top scarecrows, determined by the number of tickets cast in the container.

   If you have any questions please call: Karen Sande at Redmond Chamber of Commerce 541-923-5191.

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