September 18, 2016

Redmond Police seek to increase community connection

From the City of Redmond

A Personalized Approach to Community Engagement and Education

   The Redmond Police Department (RPD) recently launched a Community Speaker Program. The purpose of the program is to increase citizen’s knowledge of crime prevention by having trained department representatives make presentations on related topics to members of the community. The program was developed as a means of enhancing communication and buildings relationships between local youth, community groups, and the police department.

   “The Redmond Police Department cares about connecting with our community and it all starts with quality relationships. We see this program, and the small group conversations, as a very personal way to create partnerships that lead to a well-informed and safe and secure community,” shares Sergeant Curtis Chambers.

   The Community Speaker Program is a free service to interested residents and organizations. Presentation lengths vary by topic and can be customized as needed. A few of the presentation topics available include; personal safety, senior issues, burglary prevention, identity theft, bullying and substance awareness. The program also allows for more informal Q & A type sessions.

   This direct interaction between officers and community members is intended to promote a free flow of information and ideas, creating a better understanding of each other’s needs and the police department that serves them. Once a citizen understands how the police department does its job, that citizen can better relay to the police department their neighborhood needs.

   “RPD is eager to share directly with resident’s different ways they can be safe and secure, as well as to inform the public on the vision and mission of their police department,” states Redmond Police Chief Dave Tarbet.

   If you are interested in having the Redmond Police Department come present to your group, classroom or organization, please contact the department’s non-emergency number at 541-504-3400. Your request will be processed based on availability. Follow them on Facebook at

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