October 9, 2016

Drones fly for land surveying

From Simplify Simple Inc.,

Povey Land Surveyors launch first fixed-wing drone surveying flight

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September 27, Redmond businesses continue to incorporate new technology into their service offerings. Recently there has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the professional application and use of drones known as UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems. UAS, originated in the military, has been gaining popularity in the civilian world in varying forms from entertainment to data collection. The UAS industry is now creating new operational developments within many other industries, such as, ranching, farming, firefighting and specifically land surveying.

Paul Povey, of Povey Associates Land Surveryors, can attest to these new developments. Povey Associates Land Surveyors is a company started by Randy's grandfather more than 90 years ago, based in Redmond, Oregon. Paul, along with his father Randy and brother Roy, recently flew the inaugural flight of their new fixed wing, Trimble UAX5 drone to survey a rancher's property. 

Paul, an FAA certified drone pilot, flew picture perfect with smooth and precise take offs and landings. The initial flight recorded photos, video and ground measurements. Paul is using the current UAS technology to build on the family legacy and propel Povey Associates Land Surveyors into the future. Using UAS technology, Povey Associates Land Survey can survey open pits, mines, land, real estate, farms and ranches. 

Fixed wing drones make it possible to collect accurate digital data in areas that may be inaccessible and pose varying threats to the surveyor. In addition, drone surveying decreases the amount of time and energy used on large projects. 

“This gives the crew time to simply focus on analyzing the data rather than determining how to collect the vast amounts of data needed for each specific project,” Paul says.

His father Randy and brother Roy both agree. After each flight, Roy compiles and analyzes vast amounts of data and quickly provides accurate reports to clients, contractors and developers. Video and photographic data are also captured.

Simplify Simple, Inc. had the pleasure of providing business consulting services while designing and launching Povey Associates Land Surveyor’s website, www.poveysurvey.com. 

The Povey Associates Land Surveyor website offers information about the company and a list of land surveying services offered in the area. The inaugural flight of the Trimble UAS last week gave Paul, Roy, and Randy a glimpse of the valuable investment this company now can offer to businesses in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties.

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