October 14, 2016

Oregon Health Authority provides tips for storm safety

From Oregon Health Authority,

OHA offers safety tips as storms hit Oregon

   The Oregon Health Authority is offering safety tips to help people protect themselves as heavy storms threaten to knock out power throughout the state.

   The tips include information about what to during a windstorm as well as how to prevent food spoilage and carbon monoxide poisoning when the electricity goes out. 

   The agency has just posted two videos to its YouTube page:
- Food safety during a power outage, https://youtu.be/D9dUhhwxIq8
- Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning, https://youtu.be/3nD1SKU9Yb0

   Fact sheets can be found at the following links:
- Keeping food safe: 
- Carbon monoxide poisoning prevention: 

   The Oregon Health Authority also provides Information about safety during a windstorm at :

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