October 11, 2016

Telephone scam PSA

From Deschutes Co. Sheriff's Office


The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office has received several calls regarding an automated phone call scam saying the caller is from the Internal Revenue Service and they leave a number to call them back saying it is urgent that you call to avoid prosecution, or an agent will be responding to your house, or a warrant being issued in your name. The automated caller will leave a phone number asking you to call them back. 

The IRS does not call you to advise you that an agent will come to your house, or issue a warrant. The IRS does not solicit any money or financial information over the phone. Do not call this number and certainly if you decide to make contact do not give out any personal information or bank information. This call is a scam to take advantage of the public.

I personally have received three of these calls in the last 6 weeks. I have called the number back and there is a male on the line with a foreign accent. He has tried to convince me to give him personal information or an agent will be dispatched to my home, or a warrant for my arrest will be issued over a past IRS tax issue.

The last number that called me showed it was out of Austin Texas. Telephone scammers can make it appear that they are calling from almost anywhere.

If you have any questions call your local IRS office. Do not give out any personal information or bank information to any person calling on the phone.

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