January 29, 2017

Music in the Canyon 2017 season scrubbed, to return in 2018

From Music in the Canyon,

Music in the Canyon Concert Series goes on hiatus

   ""   We regret that we have chosen not to produce the Music in the Canyon Concert Series this 2017 summer, and will go on a hiatus for the season. After eight years, this was not an easy decision.

   This decision came after much soul searching and analyzing the financial obligations we have to meet to produce these events.

   We are not funded by the government (city, county, state, or federal). Each show costs approximately $1,500-$2,000 to produce and are produced by just a few people, and we cannot seem to generate the funds from the community to continue. All past years’ shows have been “out of pocket” for these people.

   We often think that if each person in Redmond gave 50 cents per year, we would be able to pay all of our expenses, and keep the shows happening! We do not put these concerts on to make money, but do need to be able to raise enough to cover our expenses.

   Every year, we see people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying the shows at American Legion Park. We appreciate all who come and enjoy the music. And those who can throw a few bucks in the basket to help defray the costs incurred are also appreciated. This makes our hearts and souls happy, and is what has driven us to produce, finance, and enjoy these shows.

   The Music in the Canyon Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, was created a few years ago. Our mission as a Foundation is to bring the community together and promote art, music, fun and fellowship in the park, while helping our community with musical education. To create a Foundation took lots of time and money, to create a place for people to make tax deductible donations for their community. We have not been successful with achieving the donations we need to sustain operations.

   We are not closing down our Foundation. This will be a hiatus for the 2017 summer series. We will be busy brain storming ways to continue. We are open to ideas for the furthering of our agenda, which is to help our community and have some fun in the park while we do it. We feel like the world and our community here in Redmond need it.

   Please let us know if you have ideas for our Foundation. We are planning on returning for the summer of 2018 with a bang!

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service,
Jim Bull
Music in the Canyon Foundation
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