January 13, 2017

ODOT warns of flooding from melting snow

From Oregon Department of Transportation:

BEND – With so much snow accumulating in Central Oregon due to the recent storms, ODOT Region Manager Bob Bryant is advising all concerned to be prepared for potential flooding.

“Everyone in Central Oregon should be preparing for the next weather event, says Bryant.  “Melting snow will turn into water, lots of water, and that water will likely lead to flooding and we need to begin preparing for that now”, he adds.

ODOT has already begun to anticipate flooding by removing as much snow as possible from US20 in Bend, along 3rd Street and Greenwood Avenue.  This will help crews identify where the street drains are located and open them up for the coming thaw.

Beyond that, Bryant is advising business operators and home owners to identify the potential for flooding and prepare for it by clearing drains or obtaining sandbags to prevent flooding where possible.

“People need to act now”, says Bryant, “because with rising temperatures and rain in the forecast, the potential for highway and local flooding is on the rise.”

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