February 4, 2017

Concealed Handgun License classes in Central Oregon

News Release from Deschutes Co. Sheriff's Office


In 2016, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office experienced a steady increase in applicants for new Concealed Handgun licenses (CHL), transfers, and renewals of licenses.

At times the wait time for an appointment ranged from four to six months. Recognizing the need to respond to this wait time, in August 2016, the Sheriff's Office reassigned existing staff to the Concealed Handgun License Unit.

In addition, CHL classes are offered once a month on Saturday only. This Saturday class allows citizens to attend a CHL qualifying class and complete the entire CHL permitting process in one half day with the CHL license being mailed to them within a week.

With these improvements to our processes the wait time has decreased to two weeks for an appointment. This is one example how the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office is proactively identifying ways to better serve the citizens of Deschutes County.

Please visit our website: sheriff.deschutes.org to sign-up for a Saturday class or book a CHL appointment.

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