March 8, 2017

More photos of Petersen Rock Garden

The March 8 Spokesman features a story on the reopening of Petersen Rock Garden. Unfortunately, we couldn't fit all the photos we took there in the paper. So here are some more.

 General manager Darren Bearrunner

 Debris that hadn't been cleaned up.

 Some of the site's 25 peafowl.

 Owners would like to convert the old swam boat ride to a land ride.
The old restaurant might be used as a glass blowing studio.

 Owners would like to restore part of this craftsman house and open it to the public.

1 comment:

Laura Thomas said...

I love this place!! Rode out there on an old one speed bike a few times from Redmond. The cold drinks were a great treat after that ride. We would wander around and see and feel the magic.