March 15, 2017

Volunteer recruitment at Thelma's Place

From Thelma's Place.

Thelma’s Place Plans Volunteer Recruitment Luncheon

   Thelma’s Place will be holding an open house luncheon on April 6, 2017, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm for anyone who is interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at our intergenerational community.

   “We are seeking people who would like to get involved with Central Oregon’s first and only intergenerational program, where we are Bridging the Gap Between Young and Old,” says Executive Director Stephanie Roderick.

   As the first and only intergenerational community in Central Oregon Whoopsy Daisy, a division of Thelma’s Place will open their doors on May 1, providing services to children 3-6 years.

   Intergenerational care provides unique benefits that are unavailable in traditional care. When children and seniors interact, the outcome is beneficial to everyone involved. In seniors, intergenerational care provides for enhanced socialization and a greater sense of engagement. They have better emotional and mental health, stronger physical health, a decrease in isolation and a sense of value and community involvement.

   In children, studies have reported positive attitude to the aging process, greater sensitivity to persons with disabilities, reduced fear of the elderly, higher academic scoring and more socially and personally matured than their peers.

   At Thelma’s Place, participants will have the opportunity to socialize and interact with children enrolled in Whoopsy Daisy on a daily basis. Together, participating in reading, games, art, music, outings and just talking and learning from one another. Visitors can drop by anytime during the open house, grab a bite to eat, meet the staff, tour our community and find out what the volunteer needs are. There are numerous opportunities to help out, both on a regular and as needed basis.

   This is an open invitation to find out more information, so if you drop by, there is no obligation to volunteer. Applications for volunteering will be available at the open house. 

   “If you enjoy working with seniors and children this is a great organization offering fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities,” Roderick Said.

For more information please call Stephanie at: 503-209- 6827 or

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