April 4, 2017

Music In the Canyon seeks funding

From Angela Boothroyd,

Funding needed for Music in the Canyon to continue

Spokesman files

"""Fans of Redmond:

   We have so many great things to be proud of in our community - I am writing today to let you know about a great summer event in our community that is in danger of being cancelled.

   For 8 years now, Redmond resident, Jim Bull, has been presenting “Music in The Canyon”, a free concert series held at American Legion Park. The concerts are presented as a compliment to the Redmond Chamber of Commerce’s Music on the Green Concert series, which is held on opposite Wednesday’s down the canyon at Sam Johnson Park. These are both family-friendly events. My family and I attend most of these concerts, in both venues, as often as possible each summer and we always look forward to sharing these events with friends and visitors.

   What many do not know is that Jim has been working hard to make this event pencil while running a business and dealing with a myriad of other issues which life often throws our way. Most people don’t realize that Music in The Canyon is not sponsored by the City or any other organization. It has been partially covered by local patronage, business sponsorship and individual donations.

   For several years, Jim (and his family) often come out-of-pocket for some of these concert expenses. He has done this based on his love for the Redmond community. Part of his passion comes in the form of presenting free concerts to the public – but dedication, enthusiasm and passion can only go so far. Recently the reality of finances (or the lack of) has come into play.

   The 2017 Music in the Canyon season may not happen – at least not without the support of our community. We need to raise $10,000 – quickly, which will allow for 5 concerts this summer and ensure this music tradition continues this summer. Please join Steven and me by donating to Music in the Canyon. We need your help!

   Music in the Canyon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) so your donation may be tax deductible and donating is EASY. Please go to musicinthecanyon.org and hit the “Donate” button OR mail checks to: Music in the Canyon Foundation, 225 SW 10th Street, Redmond OR 97756 by March 31st, 2017. If you or your business donate $1000 or more we will gladly display a banner (that you provide) during each of the concerts this season. Have questions? Call me at 541-410-2572 or email me ataboothroyd@windermere.com

   Please share this letter with others – Redmond is a great community and I believe that people will be happy to help make the 2017 Music in The Canyon season happen – if only they know their help is needed!

Thank you for your consideration,
     Angela Boothroyd
     541-410-2572                           """"

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