April 15, 2017

OSU student winter term honor roll

From Oregon State University,

Local students make Honor Roll at Oregon State University Corvallis campus

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Names of students who have made the Scholastic Honor Roll Winter term have been announced by Oregon State University.

   A total of 1,241 students earned straight-A s(4.0). Another 4,481 earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the listing. To be on the Honor Roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.


Straight-A Average: 
Brian L. Anderson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; 
Nolan D. Beal, Sophomore, Pre-Business; 
Jackie Bradnan, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; 
Madison N. Duff, Senior, Natural Resources; 
Hannah J. George, Sophomore, Kinesiology; 
Tyler L. Guyer, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering.
Jordyn L. Langeliers, Junior, Business Administration; 
James D. Martinez, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; 
Jasmine I. Pina, Sophomore, Chemistry; 
Lauren A. Row, Sophomore, Spanish; 
Brenna L. Stevens, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.

3.5 or Better: 
Lawrence L. Arefieg, Junior, Biology; 
Philip A. Aulie, Senior, Bioengineering; 
Ryly A. Barber, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; 
Grace K. Bollard, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; 
Christopher Bowen, Senior, American Studies.
Benjamin P. Coles, Senior, Marketing; 
Matthew C. Dahlen, Senior, Marketing; 
Gaelan B. De Leone, Senior, Natural Resources; 
Eoseph Frolov, Junior, Kinesiology; 
Stefanie A. Gamboa, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.
Nicholas W. Harlow, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; 
Pernell C. Harris, Senior, Pre-Public Health; 
Samuel E. Hester, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; 
Wesley C. Johns, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; 
Jessica A. King, Senior, Marketing.
Mackenzie I. Lannigan, Senior, Business Administration; 
Andrew S. Leeland, Senior, Business Information Systems; 
Dalton B. Lewis, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; 
Riley A. Maxwell, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; 
Eric A. McDonald, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering.
Cordell A. McKinney, Senior, Industrial Engineering; 
Steven P. Middleton, Junior, Sociology; 
Alexandra M. Newell, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; 
Bryna K. O'Keefe, Sophomore, Kinesiology; 
Robert K. Owens, Senior, Kinesiology.
Meriah F. Parker, Sophomore, Biology; 
Brytney A. Poole, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; 
Calvin T. Rodman, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; 
Erica Rodriguez, Senior, Ecological Engineering; 
Jade R. Rollins, Freshman, Pre-Public Health.
Tyler L. Russell, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; 
Carol A. Saleta, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; 
Shayne D. Sensenbach, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; 
Aspen H. Sheets, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; 
Hailee N. Skala, Junior, Kinesiology.
Dakota N. Steen, Junior, Natural Resources; 
Samantha L. Tullis, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; 
Breanna L. Whitley, Junior, Business Administration; 
Annie M. Wymer, Senior, Public Health; 
Jacob D. Young, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
Qianru Zhang, Post Baccalaureate, Accountancy.


3.5 or Better: 
Camille R. Brooks, Junior, Natural Resources; 
Joseph A. Fraser, Junior, Business Administration; 
Clay W. Gibson, Senior, Kinesiology; 
Riley D. Gibson, Senior, Kinesiology.


3.5 or Better: 
Elmer Reynoso, Senior, Kinesiology.


3.5 or Better: 
Jessica R. Hershberger, Junior, Liberal Studies; 
Christian T. Lisignoli, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; 
Amy S. Roderick, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; 
Jeaneva M. Senko, Junior, Biology.

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