June 29, 2017

Climbing route on Maple Avenue Bridge to reopen Saturday

From the city of Redmond:

WHATCity of Redmond re-opens the climbing route up the arch of Maple Avenue Bridge.

DATE: Saturday, July 1, 2017

TIME: sunrise


Redmond is re-opening the climbing route on the arches of the Maple Avenue Bridge.  The climbing route was closed for a year and with the recent passage of the Recreation Immunity bill, the route will open for climbing.  The route will be open for climbing this Saturday, July 1st at sunrise. The City and local climber, Ian Caldwell are currently planning the second climbing route on the bridge.

Maple Avenue Bridge is a 70-foot-tall and 780 foot long concrete bridge located in Redmond Oregon.  A climbing route was established under the arch of the bridge in 2015.  The route is a challenging, overhanging sport climb that is a rare opportunity in Central Oregon and across the nation.  

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