July 31, 2017

Emergency services communication system upgraded

From Deschutes County,
Submitted graphic / Deschutes County
Central Oregon emergency services radio system upgraded

Local law enforcement agencies completed their transition to the new P25 trunked radio system with encryption on Thursday, July 27th. As a result, anyone with any type of scanner (analog or digital) will no longer be unable to receive local law enforcement radio traffic from the new system.

In the short term, until an internet based feed can be established with a 30 minute delay in late-August, the District will "bridge" the new radio system to the old to provide interoperability with the State Police until late-August when OSP transitions to the new system.

A fact sheet is attached with more information. The fact sheet is also available on the District's web site at http://www.deschues.org/911.

Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District
Radio System Fact Sheet

-   The Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District is in the process of replacing its aging
analog-based radio system with a new digital trunked system that fixes gaps in
coverage and helps keep local first responders safe.
-   The shift to the new system will impact residents who have previously monitored
-   On the new radio system, law enforcement dispatch channels will be encrypted
and will not be able to be monitored over the air. Law enforcement dispatch traffic
will continue to be recorded by 9-1-1 and will be available via a public records
-   Starting in late August, unencrypted law enforcement dispatch radio traffic will be
published online, but with a 30-minute delay.
-   This transition means people with scanners will not be able to receive law
enforcement radio traffic. Listeners interested in monitoring those channels will
need to use the internet-based stream when it becomes available in late-August.
-   There will not be a delay for the radio channels used by local fire service agencies, nor will those channels be encrypted.

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