July 5, 2017

Redmond man cited for allegedly leaving infant unattended in car

From the Bend Police Department:

Date: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 Case # 2017-00202917 

Date & Time of Incident: 07-05-17 at 11:33 am 
Type of Incident: Child Neglect II 
Location of Incident: 63465 Hwy 97 Bend, Or. 

Victim Information: 
4 month old infant 

Suspect Information: 
Rawlins, Tyrel R. 32 yoa Redmond resident 


On 07/05/17 at approximately 11:34 a.m., Officers from the City of Bend Police Department responded to the Home Depot, located at 63465 N Hwy 97, on the report of an unattended infant child inside a vehicle in the parking lot. The reporting party told Deschutes County 911 tele communicators that the child was in a child safety seat and was crying. It was reported the windows of the vehicle were partially down when the reporting party called for assistance. The outside temperature at the time of this call was approximately 89 degrees. 

A Bend Police officer arrived at approximately 11:41 a.m. and located the vehicle and confirmed the information that had been relayed by the reporting party. Just prior to the officer forcing entry into the vehicle to remove the child, the father of the child exited the store and was contacted by the officers. The child was removed from the vehicle and determined to be uninjured although sweaty. 

Investigation revealed Rawlins had been inside the store for approximately 13 minutes. An additional officer arrived approximately 10 minutes after the car door had been opened and a light breeze was allowed to blow into the car and the internal temperature of the vehicle was still at 99 degrees with the leather seat registering at 104 degrees. 

Rawlings was cited and released for child neglect. 

The Bend Police Department reminds everyone to never leave a child unattended in a vehicle. With the additional factor of hot weather, this combination can quickly become dangerous if not fatal. Even with windows partially rolled down, internal temperatures of vehicles can quickly and easily, significantly exceed 100 degrees. Children and animals can not regulate their body temperature inside a vehicle and we urge everyone to consider this when they are responsible for children and animals. 

The Bend Police Department was assisted by the Children's Services division during this call. 

Child Neglect II

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