August 5, 2017

Redmond Mayor Endicott describes wedding with Sherwood mayor

From Redmond Mayor George Endicott:

Redmond Mayor George Endicott and Sherwood Mayor Krisanna Clark / courtesy George Endicott
Two Mayors Get Married

Something unique happened at the Oregon Mayors Association Conference this year on July 29th.  After the president closed the conference, he kept his promise to deliver a surprise event that was rumored to be a celebration of his parents’ 74th wedding anniversary.  Following that came the true shocker, a surprise wedding ceremony between Mayor Krisanna Clark and Mayor George Endicott, both widowed by spouses passing from cancer.  

Having met at the same conference 2 years prior, and introduced by the mayor of Pendleton they thought it fitting to marry where they met in the presence of their friends and colleagues.  Making it a surprise was just the icing on the cake.

Keeping the pending marriage a secret was truly a monumental task, but well worth the effort.  Serving as officiant was the one who introduced them, Mayor Phillip Houk – Pendleton. Matron of Honor was Senator Betsy Johnson – Senate District 16, and Best Man was Mayor Denny Doyle – Beaverton.

After closing the conference, Mayor George Endicott, this year’s president of the Oregon Mayors Association, provided the background that led to the suspicious absence of Mayor Krisanna Clark at the dinner banquet.  After announcing the true purpose of the surprise event which was a wedding and not an anniversary celebration, the back door to the conference room opened and the bride stepped out.  The wedding march began and chaos ensued.  The bride was escorted down the aisle by her two teenaged children Alaina and Declan.  To hear it told by the guests it was the best….conference….ever.

The wedding ending as untraditionally as it began with the officiant declaring, “You may kiss the mayor.”

After the excitement of the wedding celebration and honeymoon conclude, it will be back to business as usual for these two Oregon mayors serving their two respective communities.  The couple will be holding wedding receptions September 8 in Sherwood and September 23 in Redmond.

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Sally Robinson said...

I just loved that you too did this & I wish for you all the love that you can give each other ~ a true meant-to-be couple. I wish you (George) lived closer to Sherwood! Please don't be a stranger & let Krisanna be mayor until next end of year! Oh, and let me know if you have a younger brother - LOL - ha ha ha!!! You too are the best! Love you :)