September 15, 2017

Crooked River Ranch Fire donates $3,500 to Texas department hit by hurricane

From Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue:

Spokesman file photo
Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue
The Crooked River Ranch Volunteer Fire Association, which is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation operating under the Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue umbrella raised over $4000 in donations at their annual Labor Day Sunday Breakfast event.
The fundraising breakfast has been an annual event for around 20 years. It is the only income event the Association has for undesignated income that can be used to support its many programs that give back to the community or support the needs of the department directly.
The community programs that CRR Fire personnel operate are all annual events and are hugely supported by the community and many local groups and businesses. They are the Easter Egg Hunt; the Fourth of July festivities; the Shop With A Fire Fighter Program; The Food & Toy program and a School Supply drive that helps both Terrebonne and Culver school children all year long.
This year due to the Hurricane disaster that hit Texas hard there was a discussion amongst the volunteers and staff of how and who can we support in relief efforts. It was decided to find a small Volunteer Fire Department somewhere in Texas that could use some financial help. Research started online to locate a department that “fit” the idea. Also since one of our volunteers’ works for a local relief agency (GFP Response) who had traveled to Texas, prior to the hurricane hitting land fall, to begin setting up and working with Texas officials for aid stations, he was asked to let us know what he saw as possibilities of a small Volunteer department that could use our support.
As fate would have it, it turned out one of CRR Support Volunteer families here also has family living in Texas that needed to be rescued from flood waters. A small Volunteer Fire Department came to their rescue. The daughter and her family were rescued by fire personnel using their personal vehicles, put up at the fire station until such time they could be transported to a relief station safely also by these same volunteers.
The department is Liverpool Volunteer Fire Department in Liverpool Texas which is just Southeast of Houston. The Chief was contacted by one of our volunteer officers and a discussion ensued about how could Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue personnel help support their members directly.
Knowing Crooked River Ranch started as a full volunteer department and had just celebrated their 40th Anniversary in July and has since its inception grown into a combination department which now has full time paid staff as well as a strong base of volunteers we felt it only right to support another department who was definitely being overwhelmed by this disaster. It was decided to donate the proceeds from the Labor Day Sunday Breakfast to Liverpool Volunteer Fire Department.
With close to 500 attendees at the breakfast, the profits came in and a check for $3500 will be sent to the Chief at Liverpool Volunteer Fire Department with instructions to use it for his members as he sees appropriate.
A separate check for $250 will be donated to the local Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplaincy organization which supports all First Responders in emergency services organizations here in Central Oregon as well as statewide when needed. (Their website is They were present at the Labor Day Sunday Breakfast with an information booth and handed out stuffed animals to the children of the community as well as supporting the members of CRR Fire & Rescue.   

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