September 26, 2017

Redmond High thanked by local non-profit

From CLEAR Alliance,
Saito and Capps // Submitted photo

Children Learning through Education And Research (CLEAR Alliance) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides education that focuses on reducing youth substance use and impaired driving throughout the state of Oregon.

For the past 2+ years, Redmond High School has served as the statewide pilot site for the development of CLEAR Alliance’s Teen Marijuana Education Course (TMEC) and its fact-based “Did you know?” media campaign featuring real Oregon youth. Prevention, treatment, law enforcement, medical, and school professionals in Oregon contributed to the content of both projects.

Through this partnership, Redmond High School’s two health teachers, Angela Capps and Nathan Saito, facilitated participation from their Health I and II classrooms in order to provide the feedback and critique needed to refine the projects. Observation and evaluation was provided by Marlys Alger, retired school administrator, teacher and licensed counselor, who approved the TMEC program for youth and adults ages 13 and above. Eric Martin, treatment provider and Past President and Director Emeritus of the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon, has evaluated pre and post survey data from the TMEC program, measuring its success.

“From class to class, we continually observed students surprised by how much they did not know about today’s marijuana. We hope that TMEC can be an educational tool for the rest of the state,” said Nathan Saito. 

“Due to the support of Redmond High School and the willingness of its staff to partner in spearheading, TMEC was piloted to a younger audience at a local middle school, then expanded to all of the Driver Education Programs in Central Oregon, and then added two more high schools,” said Mandi Puckett, Executive Director of CLEAR Alliance.

In August of 2017, CLEAR Alliance provided a TMEC Train-the- Instructor conference and trained 114 diverse public-service professionals from across the state. As a result, 27 Oregon counties now have TMEC instructors, and 17 counties are already underway with implementing the curriculum, which meets several of the Oregon Department of Education’s Health Standards and Performance Indicators. 

“This has been a fulfilling partnership with CLEAR Alliance, as evidenced by the additional number of counties that have been reached in such a short amount of time,” stated Paul Nolan, Principal of Redmond High School.

On September 20, 2017 three full sets of the “Did you know?” campaign ads (39 posters per set) were presented to Nathan Saito, Angela Capps (pictured here with Cindy Brockett from CLEAR Alliance) and Redmond High School Principal Paul Nolan in appreciation for the school’s support.

“It is so exciting to recognize the faces of local youth on the “Did you know?” campaign posters, billboards and even in our local movie theaters,” commented Angela Capps. “We are proud our school could partner with such a passionate organization in supporting the endeavor to educate kids and parents about substance use and impaired driving in Oregon,” she said.

Additional training requests have been received by CLEAR Alliance and regional trainings are being scheduled across Oregon. Training information as well as the “Did you know?” campaign ads are available online at

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