October 7, 2017

Naked cell tower contractor accused of dragging Redmond woman

From the Deschutes County Sheriff's office:

Prepared by: Lt. Mike Biondi 

Date/time of incident: 10/06/2017 at 12:56 hours 

Location of incident: 3651 Cline Falls Hwy (Cline Butte Rock Products) 

Arrested: Hebda, Adam - 28 year old male 

Clarksville, Tn 


Attempted Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle 
Unlawful Entry into Motor Vehicle 

Victim: Davis, Frances "Dorene" - 64 year old female 
Redmond, Or 

On 10/06/2017 at 12:56 hours, Deschutes County 911 received a call from Davis who reported a male inside a co-workers vehicle at the listed address. Davis then advised she was not able to talk, hung up and could not be reached by phone. 

Upon arrival, investigating deputies learned that Hebda was a contract employee from out of the area working on a cell phone tower that was located on Cline Butte Rock Products property. For unknown reasons, Hebda entered a vehicle on the property and Davis, an employee of Cline Butte Rock products, confronted him. He exited the vehicle, approached her and dragged her approximately 30 feet back to the vehicle and forced her to get inside. Davis was able to physically fight him off and separate from him. 

Hebda then rifled through a portable toilet, soiling his clothes. He then removed all of his clothes and left the area of foot. He was contacted approximately 1/2 mile down a gravel road from the rock pit and detained by sheriff's deputies. Hebda was transported to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend to be evaluated by medical staff. Hebda was cited for the above offenses and additional charges may be considered. 

Davis didn't report any injuries during the incident.

AT&T Cell Tower (Alex McDougall/Bulletin file photo)

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