Dakota Bigos


At High Desert Stone Works & Design Annex, husband and wife Chris and Denise Smith design and create countertops, flooring and tiles.

The Smiths moved to their shop to Timber Avenue this past September, shortly after becoming the new owners of High Desert Stone Works.

“I was apprenticing at that shop and, in the middle of buying it, the building sold,” said Chris Smith.

After finding a new location, the Smiths moved their supplies across town and prepared their shop for business in under five weeks. According to the Smiths, the new space ended up being larger than what they needed.

“Because of the layout of the building, we had to rent two suites,” Chris Smith said.

Although they intended to run a fabrication shop, the Smiths decided to utilize the extra office space as a flooring and design annex. They incorporated their new service into their name.

“It happened fast,” said Denise Smith, who runs the annex. “I was like ‘no I don’t want to run my own place, I just want to work for other people,’ but it just made sense. It was what we needed to do.”

Chris and Denise Smith say they have more than 30 years combined experience in the construction industry. Denise assists customers with the design process while Chris works on fabrication and installation.

Chris is a Redmond native and Denise has lived in Redmond the past two decades.

The pair recently welcomed the Redmond community to their new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony during a Redmond Chamber of Commerce Coffee Clatter. Chris Smith completed the Chamber’s Redmond Leadership program a few years ago.

The Smiths frequently work with other shops in town, including EleMar Oregon, which sells and distributes slabs to fabricators.

“[Chris and Denise Smith] are good people and very fun to work with,” said Gee Watson, design consultant and office manager at EleMar. “Redmond definitely needed a place like this and we’re happy they’re here.”

The Smiths also work with Greg Norris of Fire by Design and Norris Welding.

“I’ve been working with Chris since 2004,” Norris said. “He’s always outgoing and willing to help. What I enjoy about the company is that they have passion for what they’re doing­­--for the trade.”

The Smiths worked with Norris on an entry into Hospice of Redmond’s annual Festival of Trees auction last December. The Smiths say they look forward to getting involved with more community causes.

“We really are Redmond people. Of course, we do business all over Central Oregon but [our goal is] to really stay connected to this group of people here,” Denise Smith said.

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