I recently heard an ad via an internet news link that is grossly inaccurate. “News” such as this sickens me. I ask the veteran whose voice is on the radio ad to do better research before attacking our representative. I, too, am a veteran and proud of it and my integrity is important to me.

You say Greg Walden voted against the Clay Hunt SAV (Suicide Prevention for American Veterans) Act. The truth is he voted for it. Twice. The second time it became law. You say he has done nothing to help veterans, but he led the fight in Congress to end veteran homelessness. He has fought for the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program, leading the effort to increase funding for it each year until this year — when he succeeded in receiving full funding for this program for the first time in its history.

Under his leadership, the VA has seen more funding than ever before, and he fought to bring technology and practices most doctors outside the VA use to help veteran care become more effective and efficient.

Sir, as a veteran, we must hold ourselves to higher standards. I have met with Congressman Walden in his D.C. office and at town hall meetings and emailed him for support. His response? He continues to support veterans and currently serving military personnel. Check his voting record. You will see he is a very strong supporter for all veterans in our great state.

— John Wrinkle, Redmond

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