100 years ago

July 11, 1918 — REDMOND MARINE DECLINES PROMOTION. A letter received by his mother from Frederick D. Rice, who is with the marines at Fort Crockett, Galveston, Texas, states that at the conclusion of his studies for non-commissioned officer, he was offered a sergeancy, which he refused, as, in remaining a private, his chances for immediate service in France were so much better. There was strong likelihood that as a sergeant he would be detained here to drill recruits, and in his eagerness for active service, he chose to decline the promotion.

75 years ago

July 15, 1943 — Cooperation Asked In Fire Prevention. Busy Fire Captains Urge All-Out Caution. Cooperation of all people in rural areas not only will make the work of rural fire crews easier, but may save thousands of dollars of irrepplaceable property, declares G.Y. Hagglund, county agent. “Watch for fire hazards and remove them, since the best way to put out a fire is to never let it get started,” Hagglund suggests. “Most fires can be prevented.”

50 years ago

July 17, 1968 — Problem of water critical. Central Oregon Irrigation District is delivering water short of maximum capacity, but it is believed the supply will be adequate for production of crops through careful use. Manager Robert Anderson said the COI is maintaining delivery at 75% or 80% of the normal high for this time of the summer and so far has been able to depend on the natural flow of the Deschutes River. Rate of delivery since May 15 has been 985 second feet.

25 years ago

July 14, 1993 — New fire station goes on line. Station will open after today’s dedication. The area west of Redmond can breathe a little easier starting today. Fire protection is a whole lot closer, Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District’s No. 1’s new fire station at 100 S.W. 67th St. will go on line immediately after a dedication ceremony today at 2:30 p.m.