by Sana Hayes

If you ask anyone who knows me, even slightly, they will probably tell you that I am the busiest person they know, always going and doing and never stopping.

I’ve frequently been referred to as an Energizer Bunny. I know it may appear that way to the untrained eye or to those who are not with me 24/7, but the truth is that while I do actually do more work than the average bear, I am not a workaholic bunny at all.

Here’s what people don’t see: I usually wake up between 7 and 8:30 a.m., often to soft chimes emanating from my cell phone and often with two or three taps on the “snooze” feature granting me an extra 9 or more minutes to return to sleep or simply rest. My coffeemaker brews one cup of coffee while I feed the dogs. I snuggle into my husband’s recliner with a warm, thick, fuzzy comforter or grab a chair in the sunshine on my patio, still in my pajamas, of course.

I sip my warm and wakeful beverage slowly sometimes taking an hour of silence to organize my thoughts and actions for the upcoming day. I don’t talk with anyone. I don’t watch television or news and usually don’t check emails either.

I soak in the moments of solitude like a thirsty plant soaks up water. Even my dogs know this is quiet time and they both go back to bed.

I take an extra-long shower, sometimes until the hot water tank runs out. I do some bending and stretching while I am in there to help with flexibility for the day.

I don’t rush. Rushing is no way to start any day. Rushing will just foul up your entire day. One can be energetic and enthusiastic and even spirited, but I’ve found it’s best not to rush.

I choose clothes from my closet that make me feel happy. I wear bright, silly, comfortable shoes — shoes that make me smile when I look down at them. I do my hair in whatever style strikes my fancy for the day.

Everything I do to begin the day is about taking care of me. I want to begin the day right — on the right foot — and on the right side of the bed. I want to be my best me so I can launch out into the world with 100 percent of myself and give it all away. Like a cell phone that is fully charged. I want to start the day that way.

Then, in the evening, when I’ve completed my day of work or errands or peopling, I enjoy the retreat to my home, greeted by dogs who never let me believe anything but that I am the most adored and important human in the universe. I shed the clothes of the day and shed the cares, worries, frustrations and fatigue with a soak in the bathtub.

Sometimes I have been on my feet for 10, 12 or more hours and it feels incredible to finally sit down. Some days, sitting has never felt so good.

Whatever felt heavy or burdensome goes down the drain. Some nights, I have obligations that take another two to five hours. But even on the nights my home “work” is not completed until midnight or later,

I take another few moments at the end of the day to acknowledge all that was accomplished and release what wasn’t. Writing my list for the upcoming day allows my mind to not have to store these thoughts and I can easily drift off into slumber for a calm, peaceful 7 to 8 hours of restoration — body, mind, and soul.

Balance is what I strive for now. Balance is demonstrated to us every day in nature, all around us, if we allow ourselves to notice, and follow along. You can go, go go, as long as you follow it with some slow, slow, slow.

— Sana Hayes is a free spirit, as comfortable in a tiara as she is in pajamas. She writes to better encounter the radiant self in each of us. Contact her at cowgirlsana@gmail.com .