100 years ago

Nov. 14, 1918 — Deschutes county fills quota

Oregon has filled her quota of the United War Work campaign, with Deschutes leading all the counties of the state with a subscription of 160 per cent.

Editor’s note: The United War Work campaign was a cooperative effort of seven organizations to raise more than $170 million in order to support “the work of upbuilding and sustaining the morale of our fighting forces in the field,” according to “The United War Work Campaign: What it is and what it means,”

75 years ago

Nov. 18, 1943 — Girl back home after three days

Apparently suffering from shock, possibly caused by a fall from her bicycle, but happy to be home, Imogene Hurst, 15, is back with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Hurst.

The Redmond high school sophomore, missing since 8:30 o’clock Sunday evening, returned just before noon Wednesday when she came to the Roy Holmes residence across the street from her home.

Imogene who had been with her friend, Adele Olson, and a group of other young folk, left the O. E. Olson house at 448 North Eighth Street to ride home on her bicycle about 8:30 Sunday. When she did not arrive, her father became worried and telephoned Redmond police. Mrs. Hurst who works as a nurse at St. Charles hospital in Bend, came home upon learning of her daughter’s disappearance.

The search began at once, city and state officers being assisted by townsfolk and Redmond high students. Monday Imogene’s bicycle was found in Redmond.

It was learned by police that she was at Sisters Monday and that she apparently had wandered about the countryside during the time she was away.

50 years ago

Nov. 20, 1968 — Students seek licenses to operate tape recorders

Third-graders from Mrs. Jessie Wilson’s room at Brown School are enthusiastic about the expanded library program which this year includes learning to operate tape recorders and filmstrip viewers. Assisting the librarian and classroom teacher is Mrs. Marilyn Blume, teacher’s aide.

The children receive operator’s licenses at the end of the instruction period, after demonstrating their ability to handle the machine independently. The program proved its feasibility as a pilot effort last year with one third-grade group and has been broadened to include all third-graders in Redmond, and after Christmas all second-graders.

Youngsters, so licensed, may visit the library independently to use taped stories, music, make-up lessons.

It is hoped that development of independent study habits early in the grades will pave the way for better use of free time in later school and adult life.

25 years ago

Nov. 17, 1993 — City seeks grant for canyon trail

Get out your two-wheelers — bike paths they are a comin’!

The Redmond Urban Area Planning Commission Monday unanimously approved a new city grant application to fund a bike path in the north end of the dry canyon.

And, the city’s ISTEA application for an even longer path in the south end of the canyon has been approved. The city will match an $83,000 grant with $35,000.